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Greetings all,

I am new to the world of Honda cars. I have ridden CBR's for years, but have been a GM guy forever until it became Obama Motors. My ex had a civic that was bulletproof, I was stunned that a vehicle could have 200K and still start with the blip of a key and be cross-country reliable. I digress:

I just bought a used 07 Civic SI Sedan, and love it. I forgot to check all the switches when i purchased as i was more focused on the drivetrain, maintenance, etc.

Anyway, The driver's side door lock switch only unlocks. When i toggle towards lock, nothing happens. no noise, no anything. In the owner's manual, I know I have the auto 9mph door locks (which work), AND the doors lock when i trip the manual lock by hand. Also, the actuators all work fine with the keychain FOB. So, all the actuators are working, but i think the switch might be bad ?

Another suggestion that half of the toggle switch is bad is that the 5-second reprogramming used to deactivate the 9mph feature doens't work. If it was just a dirty contact, I would think it would be at least intermittent. I don't even know what kind of switches Honda uses.

Just wondering if this is an easy fix or should I take it in ? I have about 25 years of significant garage experience on and off through my life, but have NEVER laid my hands on a Honda.

Sorry so verbose. One of my flaws :D Any info you guys and gals could give me is appreciated.

Kind Regards,
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