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After 13,350 plus miles my front tires are seeing their last days, due to my driving style and the fact that they are Turanza El 400 (02) 's. A lot of people have complained about these tires not lasting more then 20,000 miles or having traction issues. But thats a different story....:(

After fighting to see if i could get them replaced by Firestone or something done by Honda, I'm here now needing new front tires. My rear are perfectly fine...but my fronts have about 1,000 or so miles to be in the safe range.

So the question is, do i buy new tires from good year. Costing $400 for four new ones and $200 something for two (all with road side and 40,000 mile warranty). Or buy new rims and tires that i actually like. My two passenger side wheels got curb rash really bad and are in need of replacement. :mad:

I have a 2007 Honda Civic Ex (silver). I'm in the market for an si once i finish paying this off. That should be done in the next year or soo.
so new tires? *save the money for the si....
new tires and rims? *help increase the value of the car since my rims currently damaged and possibly carry over to the new ride....

so just give me some input.. (choice of rims and tires maybe....):biggrin:
thanks :wavey:
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