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Do you think the new PCV part is out of specs?

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2008 Civic EX Coupe
200,33x miles

I don’t know if any has had this problem but I broke a PCV valve when I installed it into my engine. I thought the torque spec was 33 ft/lb but this prove to be too much for the valve and it snapped in half as I was torquing it in. The part was bought from the dealership.

The pictures below will show the new PCV vs original PCV, part# and the broken part that is stuck in the engine.

Left: Original PCV. Right: New PCV

New PCV part#. Part was purchase from Honda dealership.

The broken PCV is stuck in the engine. I stuffed the hole with a piece of microfiber cloth to keep debris from falling in.

I want to know if anyone has had this problem.

If you had this problem, how did you get the broken part out?

Needless to say this sucks big time. I hope someone has a solution.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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