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Hi, all. New member here. Saw a link from 8thgencivic.com and dropped in to see how the board is while I wait for my new Si. Deposit down in September, car ordered last Friday, Nov 11 (supposed to be getting confirmation today). Returning to Honda after a short foray with GM...now all Honda family again (wife has new '06 Pilot).
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Welcome to 8thcivic Janizary,
You will definatly be happy with the new civic! Great choice! :thumb:
The salesman on the other hand ,is a whole diffrent story. I know how they can be difficult to work with. GOOD LUCK.
welcome to the site janizary. What color and options are you going after on the SI? Any future plans on modding, or do you plan on staying stock? I understand staying in the honda family. They make great automobiles. My wife loves her CRV.
My preferred color for order is Alabaster Silver (Habby Red/Gal Grey as alternates) but I told the dealer any but black as I find all the colors attractive, but don't want the fuss of taking cared of anothe black car.

I ordered w/o Navi, however, I have also indicated I will take Navi if it meets my other criteria (I am ambivalent to Navi, though the card reader and touch screen are nice...I have my own TomTom Navigation on my Palm T3).

Very shortly after I get the car I will be putting new wheels on, though what I get will depend on the color received. My choices are down to:

Gram Lights 57S
Kazera KZ-A
Kosei Racer

After that some tinting, possibly a CAI or SRAM is they show good numbers, then I will look at lowering springs/struts once we have a decent selection to look at. Futher down the road I would like to see what Hondata comes up with for ECU or reflash tech.
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