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new lip kit on procivic??

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Honda Civic PRO Design FP Style Lip Kit at PRO Civic

Not sure if this has been posted but i was just browsing procivics site and saw a lip kit for the 06-08 coupe. It looks just like the hfp kit just unpainted
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Yeah. They say it's a "FP style" lip kit. Therefore, probably being a HFP replica lip kit.

I guess if you wanted to save a chunk of change, you could get that replica and have it painted. The kit is something around $220 anyways.
yea it def seems like a good way to save some money but i think id still rather get the hfp to avoid the hassle of painting and fitment issues
^ i was playing with that issue as well, the price is right for me since i have a hook up on body shop.... anyone test this kit out yet??
not that im aware of ... where in the 860 you located?
i remember someone sold a replica front lip. showed pics and said fitment was great.

$530 for me isnt a good deal. this will costs $600 to paint here in nyc.
Yea... the kit there costs $530, then you gotta get it painted. Not worth it
Looking for a lip Kit for 09 Civ... got a rear mugen style lip that didnt fit.. any one interested please let me know... and Pleasssseeee anyone who has some info on stuff for 09 Coupes please let me know.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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