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New K20z3 Or Rebuild Engine? Please Help!

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Hello Everybody,

I Got A Big Problem Need Some Opinions From People Who Been There Done That. Buy A New Engine Or Rebuild The Same Engine, Rebuilt Turbo Ready.

You Guys May Be Asking; What Happened To Your Engine? Well I Had Miss Shift Gears While Trying To Downshift, Caused My Engine To Over Rev And I Blow Two Pistons And Rods; Crankshaft Is Also Missed Up. Honda Tech Also Told Me The Pistons Shoot Up And Valves Were Missed Up As Well. I'm Assuming Everything Inside Is Broken. What Should I Do Used Engine Or Rebuilt Engine with Bigger Internals.

Bigger Internals. A Friend Told Me To Go With Titanium Internals. But I'm Not Sure From Where I Should Buy The Internals. Give Me Some Opinions

Thanks Guys

Budget $3000 Will Extend To $5000
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I agree. Go find a $300 dollar Honda CRV block from a wreck, and with you K20 head it will make your car feel like it's supercharged. Especially if you run mild after market cams. Yes it will match up to your tranny perfectly. Though since it will sit higher you might need a modded header or a used skunk 2 megapower header which fits K20 / K24 engines builds.

If you don't want to look for a K24 block talk to KMOD Performance....or go to their site.
They can sell you any block in perfect condition, add the new forged internals you want, cams, or they can build a 230 whp K20 / K24 to a 300 whp naturally aspirated k20 / k24 and ship it to your door or your tuning shop for installation.

BTW it's a good time for a new upgraded clutch to be put in.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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