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New K20z3 Or Rebuild Engine? Please Help!

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Hello Everybody,

I Got A Big Problem Need Some Opinions From People Who Been There Done That. Buy A New Engine Or Rebuild The Same Engine, Rebuilt Turbo Ready.

You Guys May Be Asking; What Happened To Your Engine? Well I Had Miss Shift Gears While Trying To Downshift, Caused My Engine To Over Rev And I Blow Two Pistons And Rods; Crankshaft Is Also Missed Up. Honda Tech Also Told Me The Pistons Shoot Up And Valves Were Missed Up As Well. I'm Assuming Everything Inside Is Broken. What Should I Do Used Engine Or Rebuilt Engine with Bigger Internals.

Bigger Internals. A Friend Told Me To Go With Titanium Internals. But I'm Not Sure From Where I Should Buy The Internals. Give Me Some Opinions

Thanks Guys

Budget $3000 Will Extend To $5000
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For that budget you can find a used k20a if you want.

but honestly i'd swap in a k24a2... more power more torque and save yourself some money
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