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i have just decide to introduce myself here. i have bought my car 4 june 2007. i came from quebec canada, 26 years old. some picture now.

my car when i have buy .

first little mod change the bulb

second tint my taillight and remove the civic badge

third tint all around 20% exept for the windshield

fourth paint my front gril and my back H black

fifth install my cai and my eibach prokit

and the last one just finish this morning my SI coupe spoiler on my sedan

and the one i still waiting since june 6 my tenso-r dc6 18 inch

some mod i want to add is weapon-r headers and a cat-back exhaust but the only one for my car is megan and i dont know if its good.

sorry for my english i am a french guy.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts