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Got rid of the G8GT and picked up a '08 C6 Corvette. My engine just got finished and in the process of being put together and tuned. Here are the build plans and some pics/videos. Late Model Engines of Houston built the engine. Hope you guys can appreciate my domestic...I like cars of all makes and models!

-LY6 Iron Block
-Callies Compstar 4340 forged 4.0" stroke (stroked to 402)
-Cam Motion Custom Grind Cam - 227 241 .630 .630 115 +4
-Ported LS3 Heads
-Clevite MS 2199 H mains, Clevite CB 663 H rods, DuraBond CH-23 cam bearings
-Callies Compstar 4340 6.125" H beam connecting rods
-Manley 1 piece chromoly push rods
-Wiseco forged pistons
-Manley L92 stainless 1.600" exhaust valves
-Rollmaster double roller timing set w/ torrington bearing and nitrited gears
-Melling 10295 high pressure oil pump ported
-Procharger D1SC w/ DP Big Mouth Kit & 4" pulley
-Innovators West 8-Rib 10% OD Harmonic Balancer
-DW 90#/hr injectors
-ECS Stage 2 fuel system
-Kenne Bell BAP module
-IAT relocation kit
-AEM Meth injection kit
-MGW Short throw shifter
-OBX 1 7/8" headers
-C6Z06 Axelbacks with control valves removed

I am expecting around ~800 to the wheels with this build.

Engine Dyno:

My little tinker toy of an engine compared to these other engines they're building!

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