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Yea it was a good night indeed, we ended up going to Mission race way for street legals
We'll post up whenever we plan for meets
Just going to post up for a little meet tomorrow, in the mini meets thread.

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NEXT MEET!!!!!!!!

When: THIS Friday, August 2, 2013
Time: 7:30pm (Dinner) 9-9:30 (Tim's)
Where: Dinner @ Chosun (Korean Food) 3486 Kingsway (Parking in Safeway complex on the corner of Kingsway/Tyne St & we will walk over)
Tim Horton's @ Marine/Byrne Rd Complex
What: Let's all get together and enjoy some Korean food (and allow Karim to fill his pregnant-lady-like cravings for it) then have a short cruise down to Tim's and hang out there till whenever we feel like going home. This is a meet for 8th's & 9th's so come on out and meet some new faces and reconnect with old faces. Please sign up below if you are coming for dinner and/or Tim's!

Karissa (d/t)
Ryan +1 (d/t)
Karim (d/t)
Jenn (d/t)
JTan (d/t)
Sen (d/t)
Richard (d/t)
Gary & Donna (d/t)
Wayne (t)
Kevin (t)
Dennis (t)
Dan (t)
Jess (t)
David (t)
981 - 1000 of 1004 Posts
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