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Spark notes: Beach trip vs cruise vs las vegas

I am well aware SB is not for months, but seeing as it is possibly my last year in college I want to make it the most memorable one. My friends and I (we are all 21, or will be by SB) want to go somewhere, and I have a couple ideas/questions and would like some helpful input. Another thing to note is our group hasn't been determined yet, so it could be 4 or 14 people.

Since I'm located in the heart of Texas, I was thinking of flying to South Beach/Panama City or even to the Bahamas. I mean, any where that has lots of people (girls :thumb: ) having fun in the sun is always great right? As I was looking up air fares and hotel packages, another idea had struck me.

What about a cruise? Access to the Port of Galveston is reasonable and we wouldn't have to worry about plane tickets or hotels. I've been doing some research and the cost of a cruise usually covers room, food, and entertainment. We would just need spending money on whatever we do on shore (snorkling/parasailing/etc) and for liquor. We've never been on a cruise before so it does sound promising.

The other idea the guys wanted to do was go to Vegas. They are the gambling bunch and we love to party, but I'm more of the casual, gamble with friends type. There are shows to watch and parties to go to, but what else is there?

So anyway, questions.
Has anyone been on a cruise and how was the experience? Would you do it again?
I've only looked at cruises in the Caribbean so far, and it might cost too much to find plane tickets to Florida and go to say the Bahamas, but is it really worth it to compare the Caribbean/Bahamas/Cabo/Barbedos/etc?
The costs seem to be roughly the same (depending how much we spend to gamble/tours/etc) so what seems the most promising to you guys?

Basically, we want to have as much fun as possible :dancing: If you've read this far then thanks for your time. Maybe it will spark some ideas of your own for your own SB :thumb: Any other ideas are welcome!
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