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Need information on GoPower cams for r18

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Calling GoPower... I'd like dyno charts, time slips, testimonies, mpg stats etc... basically anything and everything for that cam on the R18.

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Go-power has been down and out for a long time. WebCams may still have their grind specs though. Wouldn't hurt to call. My last cam ordered through them was a joke though. Improperly machined and the lady on the phone was a pain to deal with so I ended up just throwing the brand new POS in the trash and calling up DC. You should look at Drag Cartel they have good qc and I've been more than happy with my new cams.
Drag Cartel has nothing for the r18 'far as I know :( I believe Go Power and Skunk2 are the only players.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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