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First off I have an '08 EX-L with rear discs and ABS. I will be repalcing all 4 pads, putting on Goodridge Stainless lines, and putting on stainless speed bleeders. I am a good do-it-yourselfer and have the 2 book Helm service manual. I will be referring to the manual and this site for help.

1 Question I have is when I remove the Lines and bleesers will all the fluid come rushing out? Or do I have to remove the fluid before replacing the parts? If so how is this accomplisehd? By just opening the bleeder and pumping all the fluid out?

I have 2 bottles (24 oz total) of Amsoil DOT3 brake fluid. Will this be enough? Replacing the pads and parts is no problem, it's jsut the fluid questions I have since this will be my first time working on automobile brakes.

Thanks for any help people can provide.
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