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Here is my setup:
Aftercooled JRSC
K24a8 block
K20a2 oil pump
forged pistons and rods
rebuild K20Z3 head
Alpha header
62a HaSport mounts
Q300 exhaust

The car was fine with the K20. Now with the K24 it is super loud and vibrates. The sounds is like a resonance at 1500rpm that shakes the whole cabin of the car. It is also generally loud. Not so much our the exhaust, but under the hood at the engine.

We smoked the intake and exhaust and found no leaks.

I am at the point that my wife said make it quiet or sell it. I don't want to throw money at this car if it won't fix the problem.

A few ideas I have had:
1. HPD mounts. Maybe the HaSport mounts are transferring a lot of sound?
2. ASP or Hytech header. The Aplha header, with the use of washers, only clears the firewall by 1/8"!
3. Hytech header and exhaust. Hytech seems convinced the exhaust will eliminate the resonance frequency as it is a drone type of sound.

Does any one have any ideas or comments? The hytech setup is nearly 3K, which is a lot to gamble on this issue....
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