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Mystery part by rear driver side wheel well

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Hey guys, I've been swapping the tires on my Gen 8 Civic for years. Three seasons for the nice sunny climate, and winters for the...well, you get the idea! I know enough about my Civic to do the simple maintenance items: oil/ transmission fluid/ bleeding brakes / coolant / repairing the passenger side mirror (yes -longer story behind that). I've known that this part exists, but I honestly have no idea what it does:


I've tried google image search, saw that this thing shows up in the background of youtube repair video's on Civic's for replacing rear wheel suspension. But for the life of me, I don't know if it's pointed the right way or should it be connected a certain way?

It sits on the rear driver wheel, a little behind the bearing.
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It's the rear sway bar end link that keeps the rear suspension stable and equal when the car gets on the corners. I would leave it if it's not clunking or causing handling issues.
AH! Thanks FD7683! I have a feeling I have to replace these since I'm pretty sure the passenger side is missing
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