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First off, I'll explain the poll. After the 'Rebuild' stage, I'll either be painting the wheels myself, having them painted professionally, or having them powdercoated (I haven't decided which to do yet.)

I'd like some input on what color I should do them up in. I realize it's my choice in the end, but a little third party input doesn't hurt.

Okay enough...Yayy another build up thread :p


Picked these wheels up from a local member who bought them from someone else, yadda yadda yadda. Needless to say, they were showing their age, but for the price, I just couldn't turn them down. Picked them up for about $1000 with fairly new Falken RT-615.

I actually run a wheel and tire shop. I have an account with Mackin and get Volks. I also have accounts with wheel repair shops. But alas, I'm a sucker for a good deal, and I thought I'd try to fix them myself before I paid someone else to do it...I'm a firm believer in buying tools, not labor :thumbup:

Although they are old (build date of December 20, 2000!!) there were a few things drawing me to these:

-I've always wanted TE-37's but I'm too cheap to shell out the money for them.

-They are actually TE37C's. They came with a polished lip. Before Rays branded the polished lip wheels "LE" they simply added a "C" at the end of the wheel name. It says "VOLK limited edition" on one of the spoke stickers instead of just "VOLK".

-They actually had all original valve stems complete with "RAYS" valve caps

-Center caps. Most TE37's don't have center caps as they are extra from RAYS.

-Damage wasn't TOO bad, and I needed a winter project :p

-Wheels came with original documentation that came with the wheels new.

That being said, check this sh*t out. In the documents that came with the wheels were some funny drawings. Ironically, they tell the story of these wheels and what I'm going to do with them!

After some of this:

And a lot of this:

The wheels were in bad shape.

So, I went to work, with no prior wheel-fixing experience. I was nervous!

It's gonna take some work!

But in the end, both me and little VOLK-y will be happy campers.

And I don't know what the hell this one means, but I'll share anyway:


Okay, enough with the Japan drawings, lets get to work.

Here's a picture of the ****-box that the wheels are going on:

This is what I'm starting with. They're not too bad, but each wheel has scratches and curb checks.

I figured I'd start working with the worst wheel. I've never done something like this before, so I figured if I was unsuccessful with the worst wheel, there's not point in doing the others, I'll just have a professional like Wheels America do this for me.

Birth date of 12/20/00

The important stuff. Function > Form. :thumbup:

Tools of the trade. Or so I think.

A shot of the damage

Close up

So I started working with a metal file. :cry:

I was really impressed about what I could do with this. This took out most of the small damage.

Before I got carried away with the file, I thought I'd look at other problems. Years of tar buildup on the back side

Started sanding down the paint. Bye-bye VOLK stickers!

After some sanding and grinding, I figured I'd try my luck with the metal filler that I bought. I chose this over Bondo which was recommended to me by a couple wheel repair how-to threads because I thought it might bond better to the metal, but it was still sandable.

-First I grinded down what I could without going too deep as to deform the wheel.

-Next I sanded with 600 grit.

-Cleaned with wire brush.

-Then I cleaned it with paint thinner.

-Then I cleaned it with 'Wil Bond' so as to ensure adhesion.

-Laid the goop on there.

-Filled in the cracks/crevices/gouges with the goop using cardboard and a little finesse.

Stuff started drying really fast, I had just enough time to get it on there where I wanted it before it was impossible to move.

It says it takes two hours to cure, so in the mean time I kept grinding/sanding/cleaning the rest of the wheel.

So far, I'm pleased with the progress. The above took me about an hour and a half. I'm the most pleased with the progress I'm making by just using hand grinding tools. Most of the damage isn't deep, so using simple hand tools and sand paper I'm able to get them out. w00t

Stay tuned for more progress later!

Update1: 1/12/08

Didn't make too much progress last night. I got home from work around 7:30 and worked on them for about an hour, but was getting frustrated so I played some COD4 on PS3 for a while :p

I bought a new tool. I needed a finer file for 'finishing'

I filed/sanded down the filler I put in last night. Pretty much all of it came off, except where there was a deep scratch. I guess that was the point.

A shot of the overall progress so far:

I started working on the pain in the ass areas of the wheels. I knew this was gonna be a *****!

Then I realized that if I'm having a tough time sanding in between the spokes, how the f*ck am I going to get the lug nut area?

Dremel Tool FTW.

So after that BS, I decided to try a different trick. Back in the day I painted a set of HX wheels in my college dorm room bathroom. I used this stuff to strip the paint off them:

It's called CitruStrip, you can use it indoors b/c it doesn't smell too bad.

So I sprayed it in between the spokes to test it out:

Played some COD4 and came back in a half hour and started scraping.

Didn't come out too bad.


More progress later tonight. I just sprayed all the lips with the citrus stripper (and something else) and I'm going to let it sit for a few hours.


Update: 1/13

I let the stripper soak in as directed, and while I was waiting I bought some new tools:

I was intrigued by the Acrylic Enamel Paint Remover that I found at Home Depot while looking for aircraft stripper, so for $5 I decided to try it out.

You can see the spot I tried it on in the upper left spoke:

I let it soak for a few minutes as directed and started scraping.

And the result...a waste of $5. This **** sucked :|

So I used some trusty old citrus scent indoor paint stripper.

sprayed it all over the lips...

And started scraping away!

The stripper worked awesome for the top coat! Stripped it right off!

So I kept scraping and scraping, until I realized I was running into a problem.
The stripper didn't work all the way to the metal obviously, just past the top coat and down to the primer (white stuff). In some sections though, I scraped so hard it went right down to the metal! This is where I needed to be!

So ****, I need to get all the wheels to a condition right above the picture. This is gonna take some time!


Update 1/21

It's been a while, but I've been slowly working all the paint off the first wheel night by night. This is where I'm at now, and it's right where I think I will be good.

So, I started working on the other wheels a little bit. I have to buy some more citrus stripper, so in the mean time I refinished all the lips! I got pretty good at it!

Started with this:


Finished with this!

And repeat until all four lips are flawless!!!

Until next time, I'm going to buy more stripper for the other 3, and drop the one finished one off to be powdercoated by my friend!


Update 1/25

Got the one wheel back from being powdercoated!!!

And the winning color is...

Mercury Silver! w00t!

It's actually called 'Chrome Silver', but it's basically the same thing. No metallic in it.

I was worried that I would have a hard time finding paint that would match the Chrome Silver so I could match the center caps, but low and behold I put the cap in and it matches pretty damn good! I'm just gonna leave it alone!

I'm waiting on my new VOLK stickers right now, I'll update when I receive them!


Update 1/30
Wheels are done being coated. I mounted them last night.

And today...
Wheels are on the car. I'm still waiting for my 'RAYS' stickers from blue rocket, so they're not completely 'finished' yet, but I got tired of waiting!

Drumroll please...


After all this, I don't think that I like them!

They came out awesome, powdercoat looks great, the wheels look brand spanking new.

But, I'm a tough person to please. I think I like the way the stock wheels look better. Oh well, maybe they'll grow on me, but I think I'll be taking them off tonight until I decide what I want to do.

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it will fit, it just says 5x100 but its actually 5x114.3. thats volks for you.

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Thats weird that it would have 5x100 engraved in the wheel and its really 5x114???That doesnt sound right??
They're 5x114.3, the wheels are the correct fitment. A lot of wheels will have a different bolt pattern stamped into them than what they actually are. I don't know the theory behind it though.

The only thing I could think of is that the 5x100 is actually referring to the fact that there are 5 spots for a hole to be drilled, 100mm apart from each other?

For your future reference, refer to the stickers on the inside of RAYS wheels when you want to see what fitment they are.

Or, buy a PCD measuring tool, Topline (the lug company) makes one, it's like $12, I use mine all the time.

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You know Volk stamps the wrong size on the wheels so that people who try to knock them off will fix the mistake. That way, the fact that they're knock-offs are really apparent! :D
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