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I don't think I've ever taken good shots of my setup so today I snapped a few when I could find a large garage door.

Let me know what you think of the distance, cutoff, etc.

Ballasts: REI Digital Ballasts
Setup: Low beam, 9006
Bulbs: 6000k ( not sure brand)
Relay Harness: yes
Projectors: no, stock reflective housing

Anyways, here are the ballasts:

Here are the new pics - to show distance etc.

Note - they appear whiter than that in real life, its i guess hard to capture the light via camera...?

it also lights up more than you can really see on the driveway etc.

So here are some older shots to show you how it lights up the road i guess:

I'm the one all the way on the right - I guess you can tell cuz its blueish ;)

Anyways, feedback?

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dentrecords said:
you know that's how they come stock, right? so the driver's beam doesn't blind oncoming traffic?
Regardless, even stock headlights are lined up (left and right beam). It would look stupid coming up to a garage or a white wall and see one of your headlight is higher than the other. Yes, The beam pattern is pointed towards the right, I can see that (USDM model headlights) but i'm talking about the lining up part.

here is a picture i took of the civic headlight where you adjust the height.

And i am referring to this picture


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