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I'm from Carlisle Pa, just looking around thinking about a TW FA5 for my future so I thought I'd introduce myself

This is my 2006 Vivid blue pearl RSX Type-S. Bought it brand new in 06'.

Stock in 06'

It's gotten a little bit of things since then

cleaning while the engine was out

John working on some wiring

me looking rather haggard because it was early in the morning playing with some fuel injectors

older Aspec wheels

JDM badges ( Red H badges, Integra and Type-S badge)
yellow fogs

dc sports short shifter
skunk2 weighted shift knob
sparco pedals
Mugen oil cap
skunk2 radiator cap
black dip stick
spoon resivoir covers
JDM type-r spark plug cover
DC-sports race header

JSP carbon hood
integra type-s door sills
Skunk2 coilovers
Mugen replica lip
Rota Torque wheels in "steel grey"
hancook tires
JDM sidemarkers
Mugen replica strut bars
Progress 22mm solid rear sway bar

K-tuned fuel rail

440cc injectors

And the performance goodies

HKS exhaust with DMH E-cutout

Hondata K-PRO engine management loaded on 02-04 PRB ECU tuned by Innovative Motorworks (Innovative MotorWorks) and J-K-tuning.com

innovative solid motor mounts

RBC manifold

Competition stage 4 6 puck clutch that recently lost a spring so I put an exedy full face clutch with the competition pressure plate

IPS K2 camshafts

Skunk2 dual valve springs and titanium retainers

the car went 14.0 @ 101.01 mph on street tires @ Maple grove dragway

Car makes 229 wheel horsepower and 162 ft lb's torque

car is part of SURJE.motorsports and I've attended Expo 7 and 8 ( but didn't drive lol)

1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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