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Well it was a terrible winter week for my SI.
I busted a fog light 2 weeks back.(posted pics in another thread)
I came out of work wednesday this week to find the other smashed too. Damn!

I get in the car and squirt cleaner in the wind screen and see a massive chip and 4" spider web in the middle of it!! Damn!

Thursday (the next day) i'm heading to work when i feel that tell tale wobble in the ass end. Flat ******* tire! Damn! (good thing my guns are locked up at home as i'm ready to go postal at this point!):) J/K:wavey: (There's no locks):):)

Today some asswipe dinged me in the parking lot leaving a 6" scuff in the rear bumper when i was shopping (dog in the car likely head out the window and never gave me a plate number:)) I need a smarter dog! lol.

Oh well. When it rains it pours eh!

Just needed to vent!

Oh yea, the flat was apparently a slow leak in the sidewall and i had to buy a new tire. (I never rubbed ANYTHING so i don't understand how this happened.) This car may be cursed!

I came home and got hammered! lol.
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