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:driving: This was my car after it was wrecked. I didn't think It was totaled. I had it since '97,when I traded my gas hog '87 chevy 4x4 in on it. That was a good move on my part beause of the miles I was driving. I had over $20,000 in the car since I bought it for $15,000. :SHOCKED:
My favorite part about my '95 civic was the gas milage it got and the sound that came from the 1.5 liter SOHC, after I put air intake, header,high flow cat,and cat back muffler that has a silencer for those super long trips. I had several compliments on how it sounded. Also It handeled beautifully with sportsline springs and Enki racing wheels. The only think was those brakes. :eek:mg: The accident wasn't my fault because some fool parked in the road on a blind hill. I topped the hill and hit the brakes but couldn't stop. And I wasn't about to swerve into the other lane where I couldn't see the oncoming traffic!
I was able to yank the bumper out enough to get my entire exhaust off of the car and the wheels & tires too. I was not able to take the nearly new kyb ajustable shocks and eibach sprigs off of the car, which really sucked because I just paid around $1000 for that modifacation 1 year ago.
If you are intrested in the exhaust or wheels please let me know I am trying to sell since it won't fit on a 2006 civic. See parts for sale on 8thcivic.com message board . I will post pictures of everything there in a couple of days.
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