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My 4 Door is looking alrite...

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These are the most recent pics of the car in the Famima parking lot. Notice the taller base stands i made for the Mugen wing. They were water jet machined ;]

Custom intake pipe made by my fabricator. Deleted MAF with the Flash-Pro

My fab guy also made me a custom oil catch tank in location of the stock dog bone mount since I replaced it with the Innovative 75A mounts, it was a perfect spot to fit the catch can ;]

ORC Ogura Racing Super Single Clutch/Flywheel.

-Cusco 1.5 way Clutch type LSD

-Innovative 75A motor mounts

Spoon Monoblock brakes w/Project Mu SCR-Pro 2 piece rotor

Dyno Graph from the Hondata Dyno Day shootout

this is with completely stock internals...

more to come.....

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Do you have the Spoon brake calipers on there? If so, how well do they perform?
Very sweet indeed.
Nasif, you definitely have one of the best 8th gens in the US. Now all you need to do is drop some more aggressive cams in there, and get some ITB's. I absolutely love that Mugen rear diffuser. Such a tastefully done car.
what kind of intake is that? i understand the piping is cust-fab but who makes that intake where it comes out of the engine bay?
1st photo, 1st post, right hand column.
IE= Gruppe M
i heard you recently crashed your car! :O
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Maybe Nasif is switching from an all Mugen theme to an all FEEL's theme? :thumb:
Word on the street is it caught on fire...:shadyhat:
I smell a fire sale!!!! :joke:
heard about his new project and its gonna be sick!
Share or you get the banhammer:readtherules:
no way...that car is totaled...?!
but..its such a beautiful car..!
Now it's abstract art.
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