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Mugen Si Partout - TODA header/exhaust, Boomba motor mounts , Project Kics spacers

Traded the car so I'm parting with everything. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees within the states.

Project Kics Spacers 23 mm total - 20mm + 3mm $115 shipped
(perfect to clear studs without cutting)

Mugen badge $7 shipped


HPD rear stabilizer bar with reinforcement brackets - 25.4 mm- $500 shipped SOLD

Special edition P2R TBS with 2 gaskets and bolts $60 shipped - SOLD

Mugen Reservoir Sock $10 shipped - SOLD

Eibach front camber bolts $22 shipped SOLD
less than 1k miles on these

Flashpro $560 (includes shipping, insurance and paypal fees) SOLD

Eibach Sportline Springs $170 shipped - roughly 8k miles on these. SOLD

JDM Civic Type-R Steering Wheel Emblem $20 shipped SOLD
Not new, just in original packaging

Mugen Rear View Mirror Cover $35 shipped SOLD

TODA FD2 Header and Exhaust Combo - SOLD

Boomba Motor Mounts $210 shipped SOLD
1 - 20 of 72 Posts
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