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nastynogales said:
So this weekend, my mom was hell bent on buying a Porsche - so she took me along to haggle with the dealer. The car she had her on eye was a 2006 Carerra (non-S) with the 19" S rims (chromed out), with Navi (had to haggle him with the price), and stability control (forgot what it's called but it's standard on the S). The car had a little over 16k miles after being leased with one owner. Also, because it was used - the Porsche dealer have a 6yr/100k warranty. On kbb.com the base S without options w/ 16k miles came out to $72.5k. We got the car for $75k - do you think that's a decent deal considering the options we have?

I'll try to post pics later. BTW, it's dark metallic blue w/ beige interior - looks pretty clean with the chrome rims (i hate chrome rims but for some reason they look really nice on them).
:pat: gimme a break. lol
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