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******Moddiction Honda Civic SI Blue Tinted Convex side mirrors. $60.99 shipped!!!

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Moddiction Blue tinted convex side mirrors for the 8th gen civic SI.

Should fit non SI model as well.

For Sedan click HERE

For Coupe click HERE

Product Description

-Honda Civic 2006-2010.

-Available for Sedan or Coupe.

Price is for a set of both Left and Right side replacement mirror glass.

-Eliminate the blind spot.

-Reduce Glare.

-Beads water better.

-Blue tinted appearance. Not an overlay. Actual tinted glass. No peeling or fading ever.

-Great price.

-Can be stuck on top of oem mirror with double sided tape but we recommend replacing the stock mirrors with these. DO NOT use double sided tape when doing the replacement method.

-If sticking over stock mirrors tape may wear out over time and lose it's hold

-Free shipping within the U.S.

-Black housing is not included. This is only the mirror glass and 3M double sided tape (for overlay if wanted). These replace the oem mirrors inside the black housing.

Mirrors with black housing pop out of the body colored mirror part. A flat head makes it easier to pop them out of the body colored mirror part. Once out the black housing with mirror inside needs to be carefully heated with either a heat gun or in a pot of hot water to soften the black housing and allow the oem mirror glass to be removed. Once removed heat again and CAREFULLY install the new Moddiction convex mirror into the oem black housing.

Please be careful when installing mirrors as they are fragile and can break. DO NOT PRESS ON THE CENTER OF MIRROR WHEN INSTALLING!

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