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Miscellaneous ramblings about simple-to-do mods, and some weird things I've noticed in my one day of ownership...

1. The UK version... identical for trim changes and that pesky right-hand wheel... HAS a rear seat folding armrest. It appears to be the same as in the EX version sold here. Therefore, it's not due to a battery pack that we don't get the center rear armrest here. Has anyone priced/swapped the EX rear seatback in order to gain an armrest?

2. The UK version... again, Civic Hybrid... does not have the pie plate wheels. It has spoke wheels in 15" and 16", depending on trim level. Yet its mileage rating hasn't suffered. There goes the popular theory about pie plate wheels providing some aerodynamic advantage!

3. The UK version has very cool exterior door handles... same design as ours, but in chrome, with a body colored insert. They DO come in Polished Metal color to match my car. Has anyone investigated or priced these? Are there any other practical considerations about swapping?

4. Have any of you switched to a set of '09 EX 16" wheels? (By the way, I am liking the pie plates more all the time.)

5. The sedan Si grill (US version) appears to be identical, except for color, to the Civic Hybrid's grill. Has anyone swapped it? ($140) How about swapping for red 'H' badges only? Any pics? It's hard to visualize my color with a dark finished grill.

6. How would black floor mats look in worth the beige leather interior which also has black dashboard and trim? Seems practical.

7. Is the accessory exhaust finisher really $100 in improved appearance?

8. While there have been many discussions online about tire pressure (benefits and risks), has there been a controlled study of the MPG variation at different pressure settings? I set mine to 40 PSI initially, and am happy with the ride, but don't have any reference for comparison.

9. Have any of you de-badged the rear of the car? I never leave secondary badges on the car, but am considering leaving them untouched on this car. Anyone have pics, OR regrets after having taken them off?

10. When setting my NAV's 'home' address, it found/accepted the street, but there is NO WAY to enter the street number of my house. Is this normal???

11. Has anyone switched to AmSoil or other synthetic oil? What are the MPG gains from switching to synthetic? Is there value to an early (1,000-mile) oil change? Anyone have experience w/Honda brand 0W20 synthetic oil? They claim it to be superior to others.

12. Has anyone installed the trunk cargo net? How easy? This is a useful item to have, but I saw a disclaimer that it require drilling. What item needs to have holes in it?

The end... for now!
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