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Why the Hate???
straight lines..
In response to this from the http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/georgia/152515-silerdollar-raceway-meet.html#post5293628 thread, I offer an alternative...

May 3rd, 2009

Henderson Stadium
Macon, GA

Please have your Membership Card and
Valid Drivers License with you at driver check in.

If you are not a member yet, you can become

a weekend member or full time member

on the day of the event.

First time full time SCCA Members run their first event FREE!!!

**Not valid for membership renewals**

Event Times:
8:00 AM - Course Setup Begins
9:30 AM - Registration and Tech Open
10:30 AM - Registration and Tech Close
11:00 AM - Drivers Meeting and Driver Walk-Thru
11:30 AM - First Car on Course

Entry Fee: (NEW FEES AS OF 2009)

*Includes Weekend Membership, You get Member Status for the Weekend, a copy of Sports Car Magazine and a $15 Discount on becoming a full member!

Join The SCCA and Run for FREE!!!!
Membership Rates:
Individual: $75.00
Spouse: $25.00
Family: $115.00
First Gear: $45.00 (Under 25)

Middle Georgia Region - SCCA - Home
SCCA Sports Car Club of America

[email protected]

Event Location:

Henderson Stadium
2172 Anthony Rd
Macon, GA 31204

We hold our events in the asphalt parking lot of Henderson Stadium. The parking lot is large and free of obstacles.

Henderson Stadium is approximately 1.5 miles west of I75 Exit 162

Take I75 exit 162 Eisenhower Pkwy
Go west approximately 1.1 miles and take a right on Key St which is immediately after Academy Sports
Go approximately 1/2 mile and turn left at the stop sign.
Henderson Stadium will be on your right.​

I'm the event organizer so if you have any questions PM me here, e-mail me at the address above, or just reply to this thread.

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No one interested?

We get more runs than most regions due to our smaller size. 6-8 runs on a normal day.

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i always wanted to do this but idk ..... dont wana imbaress my self lol
No reason to think you will embarrass yourself really. Everyone has a first time. Everyone understands, believe me. We cater to the first timers and novices. We encourage you to get there early and walk the course, possibly buddy up with someone, but we also do a "novice walkthrough" where we walk the course as a group and an experienced auto-xer explains the course and if you have any questions you can ask. We have a driver's meeting also where general rules and guidelines are discussed and questions are answered. And we can put someone in the car with you to point out where you go and give you instruction.

Here is an awesome presentation built by another region that is full of information: RMSolo School Introduction

hmmmm. I do need to finish off these old tires.
Well come on out man. I would love to see some more 8th gens out there!

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ok soo it would be 60 for first timers ?? and ...... all my friends have to work on thisday........ i guess if i go i go by my self but is there a lot of people there to help ? i dont wana look like a snowman just standing there lol
can all 8th meet somewhere if we can?

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Its $15 if you have never raced with SCCA before. That's just for a weekend membership. Are you wanting to sign up for a full time membership?

Yea, everyone is real friendly and willing to help. Just grab someone. The earlier you get there the better. You have more time to talk to folks and get comfortable with the whole thing. And once the course is built you have ample time to walk it and learn the layout.
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