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Clutch blew up so I was going to fix during the winter but the winter here was real bad so I never got the chance to do anything. But I've got all new clutch,flywheel,master cylinder and other stuff
I have seen those with the orings. I guess and or dirt gets in them and can cause the tire to fall off. Go get it checked out.
Hi from guadalajara México! it is good see this thread! Someone has a civic SI Supercharged in Mexico or I'm the only one? I wanna know more people living around with SI. I have too a friend with a SI Turborcharged in Guadalajara.
Tienes algun video que puedas mostrar? yo estoy pensando en ponerle supercargador tmb, pero ya mas adelante.
Yes I have a lot! The supercharged has only 3 week instaled. I'll put some pics.
Saludos Jorge. No nos dejan hablar espanol porque no saben leer jajajajaja

Saludos desde California.
Yes, i think this is the only way they can suppervising what we write. So i say hello from Mexico City, i have some time visiting 8thcivic but never see this thread before, because it is up to the bottom of al threads.
Anyone on here see that mexican website with the cartel beheading two guys with a chain saw and knife?!
I seen a couple where they decapitate them with knifes :shrug:
Have you seen the one where they have two guys tell all about their cartel and then they shoot the fat guy in the head?
Have you seen the one where they have two guys tell all about their cartel and then they shoot the fat guy in the head?
No, I can't tell if your being serious or not lol.. I Has the link to my video though :D Its really really gruesome.. Someone posted it on 8th but it got deleted in like 30seconds lol.
21 - 40 of 121 Posts
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