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Mexico Chat

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<----- San Diego, Ca
ima shove a pacman right up your arse!!

we all know Marquez is the real winner!
^^^sarcasm....doesnt do so well on the internet. lol.

not mad. but Marquez should have been the winner.
Just wish it would have been judged fairly. Now he is thinking or retiring from boxing because he was robbed of the fight.
:sadbanana: Sucks that the judges really want to see the pacquiao and hoeweather fight.
its all politics bro. :shrug:
where in TJ are you? :shadyhat:

and you bought it in the states?? or it was imported from the US?
If you live in sd then hit up the monthly meets and the San Diego chat thread. Only time I drive to tj is to take my dogs to the vet.

My dad is from Guadalajara, and I have lots of family over there.
as you can tell by my post number im new to this forum... lol..
even when i register in 2009... i hardly use this forum..

where at in SD you guys have the meets?
i have been going to the ones in eastlake on wednesdays...

ill try to catch up in the meet treads...

Here is the link. Oh yea I know of that meet. A friend with an evo goes to those. We have mini meets from time to time so check out the chat thread often. Around where in SD you live?
obert coming in and deleting posts with spanish in them...:facepalm:

anyway. whats up everyone!? listos para el juego de Mexico!?!?! we should qualify easily.
Yea do that!!!!!
Cause im probably going that way on a few months....
Im gonna probably drive my car all the way to GDL
So i hope to see some of your cars there...
i would advice against that. heard too many stories of people getting stopped by "cartel" members.
True true. And don't flash things....:giggle:
My family is in Guadalajara right now. Been the for 2 weeks. Lol. They come back to San Diego tomorrow.
:yeahthat: we have all migrated to Eastlake, CA. :giggle:
1 - 13 of 121 Posts
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