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i livee in SD!!!!
but i go to TJ all the time..
i have my parents living there!!!
andd most of my family is from guadalajara..

but i have never seen someone else driving a Mugen in mexico......
even when i go to guadalajara!!!
however i have seen some really good Si`s overthere..
If you live in sd then hit up the monthly meets and the San Diego chat thread. Only time I drive to tj is to take my dogs to the vet.

My dad is from Guadalajara, and I have lots of family over there.
as you can tell by my post number im new to this forum... lol..
even when i register in 2009... i hardly use this forum..

where at in SD you guys have the meets?
i have been going to the ones in eastlake on wednesdays...

ill try to catch up in the meet treads...
Chula vista!!!
I'll make sure to keep an eye on the meets!!!
Nice civic bro...

what part of guadalajara you live at?

my parents have a place in Zapopan... well its actually in puerta de hierro..
im gonna travel to GDL probably in october...
I'm in tlaquepaque. :corona: and U where live?


Im actually living at SAN DIEGO for right now....
But most of my fam is at tijuana...
Cause family bussines is down there....
Hello, my name is Yair and I'm from Mexico City.


Welcome Yair....

Hey ROMA let's share some of the pictures of the Guadalajara's cars
Yea do that!!!!!
Cause im probably going that way on a few months....
Im gonna probably drive my car all the way to GDL
So i hope to see some of your cars there...
Yes.... It happens im not gonna lie...
But i've been doing this since i was a child...
Woell, before i used to go with my parents...
But about 5 years ago i started doing it by my self...
Never had a problem at all...
Just know where you are going
lets have a meet in tijuana
maybe adelitas or hong kong

or los mochis sinaloa

or gdl in bugagbilias

or dwn twn san diego

or los angeles
Im down if it happens down at TJ or SD!!!

Not so sure about the rest lol
So at GDL, where do you guys go to the track?
Cuestion de apretar los tres o cuatro tirnillos que la detienen...
Sini funciona a cambiar todo el Steering rack..
Ok guys, so good news!!!!

I will be doing a road trip to HERMOSILLO on august around the 17th and 18th..
The reason, a car show that they do every year..
A friend of mine lives overthere so its gonna be easier for me when it comes to place to stay..

If an of you guys are going to the Audio CarShow hermosillo 2013
Let me know.... Would like to meet new 8th members around that area...
:yeahthat: we have all migrated to Eastlake, CA. :giggle:

The new MINI mexico!!!!!
currently in gld jalisco any one knw where i can buy aftermarket motor parts for my hatch?:wigglesmiley:

There is a guy i have on my facebook, his name is luis and is the owner of advance performance.. Avenida patria #165 in Zapopan Gdl....
1 - 14 of 121 Posts
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