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This thread is being setup as a memorial for Greg aka "Agnt004".

As others may be aware, he passed away April 14th, 2010. I have setup payment options for users who wish to donate to the family. 100% of any donation will be sent directly to the family.

Towards the bottom of this page - you will see the option to donate

Some of the info/photos taken from the thread:

I found out a couple of hours ago Greg (agent004) died this morning

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He was the most sweetest love able guy you will ever meet. He was always there for me when i needed him! He will be missed! I am sure that alot of you guys have ran into him on here before please pray for his family and friends to get through this. He always taught me to let things go live life!

You will be so missed Greg i love you man! hopefully we will meet again!

Like i said for the Florida members there will be a scheduled ride out for Greg i will let all of you know when.

Hes the one in the blue if some of you don't know his brother is next to him

Please Pray for his family

I love you man i will miss our talks i will never forget you!!!

Here are som good photos i was able to get from Jonathan

This picture is from the first time I hung out with the crew. I'll always hold these memories of my friends with me forever.

R.I.P. Greg.

08WhiteCivic said:

Greg's sister Jackie and I. BFF!!!

The original thread can be found here

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So sad to lose another young 8ther.
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