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Meguiar Series???

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So Meguiar seems to be a pretty good brand from what I read from all of you guys and such.. (I never actually stuck to one brand for my older car...) So is the NXT Series better or the Gold Class Series better? what is the difference? Does it make a difference if my car was black? Oh its a 06 Black Civic Coupe... Since I should really get some of these stuff for keeping my car clean and new... Any thoughts on the two series? Or does anyone have any better combinations interms of washing/waxing.. and everything you need to do...? Thanks =)
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the NXT from what I've heard gives a more plastic shine look. Very reflective - and it's a liquid application. The gold is a paste that you apply. Both would work very well for you. I know some other members said they like the gold a lot.
I have used NXT and have been very happy with it. It's a liquid wax so it doesn't last as long as paste waxes. I'm probably going to experiment with Gold and some other new waxes this upcoming year.

On my M, I use Zymol Carbon and I love how easy it is to put on and take off. It also looks great on darker color cars.
So I decided I will go with the NXT Wax, but they have the Paste form also... Anyone know about if its any good? Also... anyone got a good guide for doing really good waxing??? I usually never do it cuz my brother is the one that does it... I just drives lol... Thanks =)
link is bad, I tried to figure out what url you wanted, but can't figure it out.
I will have to see how my Zaino looks on the new Si. Given the new car will be silver, I am not certain that I will be using it for the civic. On my last car (black) zaino was the way to go (though it was torture doing all the layers), but I think I may be using ZFX (liquid) on the civic. I use it on my other (Silver and Slate Green) cars and it looks quite good, it just does not last as long as a good paste wax, or Zainos.
Just applied the NXT paste wax on the car yesterday... made it looked a whole lot better.. just as if it was brand new... crystal clear mirror reflections... and very very smooth on the body too... it was a pain to remove the excessive stuff since i did put a bit extra just to make sure it got in... next time i will know to not put so much... cleaned up the interior and did everything i could to make the car look brand new again.. spend about 5 hrs in total... (minus 15 here so it is a pain to clean cars..)
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