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Manual transmission series, swaps and compatibility info needed

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I have an 08 coupe exl with a 5 speed manual transmission. A piece of my bellhousing broke off and I’m struggling to find the bell housing and or a transmission that will fit. I have an r18A1 motor with the stock transmission.
what are the different series transmissions?
what series am I / compatible with?
what can I swap with ?
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Can you repair the break with JB Weld? I have seen it used in exhaust manifolds and never fails. Do you have a picture?

If it is a piece with a bolt hole you can build it up with JB then cut threads and use the bolt. Dont overtighten bolt. Go a little under recommended foot pounds.
Ah shite man its your throwout bearing mount. That can be welded back if you cant find a replacment. The bearing just moves up and down near the end of the mount not the base and there is little lateral force on the base. Weld would be cheap as well.
YOu can see the wear marks from the back and forth movement. No side to side movement on the part so weld would last forever. Just make sure to lube the mount/shaft with green urea grease. Nothing else will do,
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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