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Major Problems after CAI & FlashPro

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Hey guys,

I installed my skunk2 intake today (took almost 5 hours), I must say the instructions given are absolutely terrible ... there is nothing about re-arranging the harnesses or anything about the battery ground wire. Anyways I filled the rad up and let the car run with the cap loose ... uploaded the flash after everything was put back together and walah the car runs like a dream.

Fast foward 3 minutes down the road, my temp gauge is almost at the max ... I pull over and put more antifreeze in it. Head back to the shop and check it again ... kept putting more in and watching the rad slowly take it in. I let the car run again with the cap loose and checked for leaks ... nothing except for when I kept spilling. I put the stock tune back on because the rad fans were not turning on as well.

I finally decided to go home as I was completely fed up, the temp guage reached a little past the middle mark which is a tad above what im normally seeing. Now I have a CEL light on, the odometer is going backwards and the rad fans are not turning on.

The car was smoking by the time I got it home (temp guage read a tad above half) but it was likely from all the spilled coolant heating up in the engine bay.

Can anyone provide some insight on this? Im going to check the coolant yet again in the morning and try pulling the battery cable.
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Turns out the clamp for the rad hose wasnt seated properly ... must have been leaking when I revved the motor through normal shifting. Unfortunately found this out after taking it to the dealership this morning.

Its all good now, changed my tune to the MAP based and the CEL went away. The dealership even cleared the anti theft for the radio while they were at it!
This is why i bought rick spec'd cold air intake.

You don't have to replace upper radiator hose. It's recommended but not required like hybrid or junk2. Replacing the radiator hose sounds like it's not a big deal, but actually it's a big deal if you install the cold air intake at the same time.

I replaced upper hose radiator with NAPA 7777 6 months after i installed the cold air intake.
The instructions that came with the kit may as well have been thrown out.

1.) They dont mention you have to move the ECU harness over the brake fluid res just to attach to the ECU once its moved.

2.) The ground wire going to the battery once moved is insanely tight.

3.) The coolant res tank is in the worst spot imaginable. I cant even check the level from the engine bay ... you have to remove the battery & tray just to take it out.

The end result with the MAP tune is incredibly hard to argue though :)
Is there any way I can move the coolant res tank to another spot?

Possibly zip tie it somewhere else?

I cant stand knowing I have to remove the battery and tray just to top it off.
You can get a long funnel. I've done it already with my car. Like a transmission funnel will work.
Even if this does work how are you supposed to get the cap off? Its directly below the battery mount .. plus you can barely see the res level with a light
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