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Major Problems after CAI & FlashPro

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Hey guys,

I installed my skunk2 intake today (took almost 5 hours), I must say the instructions given are absolutely terrible ... there is nothing about re-arranging the harnesses or anything about the battery ground wire. Anyways I filled the rad up and let the car run with the cap loose ... uploaded the flash after everything was put back together and walah the car runs like a dream.

Fast foward 3 minutes down the road, my temp gauge is almost at the max ... I pull over and put more antifreeze in it. Head back to the shop and check it again ... kept putting more in and watching the rad slowly take it in. I let the car run again with the cap loose and checked for leaks ... nothing except for when I kept spilling. I put the stock tune back on because the rad fans were not turning on as well.

I finally decided to go home as I was completely fed up, the temp guage reached a little past the middle mark which is a tad above what im normally seeing. Now I have a CEL light on, the odometer is going backwards and the rad fans are not turning on.

The car was smoking by the time I got it home (temp guage read a tad above half) but it was likely from all the spilled coolant heating up in the engine bay.

Can anyone provide some insight on this? Im going to check the coolant yet again in the morning and try pulling the battery cable.
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When first filled coolant and start your car turn your heat on so the coolant fill the heater core . I did this after draining my coolant to install my supercharger . Then every morning i top off about a cup of water had to do this for 4 days my temp gauged never went past half and my temp during data log was below 190 degrees . It takes a while for the system to air out and be filled but check it every time when the engine is cold and top off when needed
That tool is good to have , its nxt on my list of tools
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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