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Hey maiku, I saw you a while back at all states in orlando. And then I saw your car last thursday at cs meets. I see you take your car circuit racing. WHERE DO YOU GO?!

Right now, nowhere. I just got back from Japan and the car is going through some changes. I have no track tires at the moment. But I used to go autocrossing at the SCCA events and mainly the road course in Gainesville. I went to CFRC once too. My friends go there now so I may join up soon.

hey the splitters/ wingletts u had in a few of those pics..are those the ARC ones or custome made ones? pm plz

new wheels? nice
Yessir. Weds 3 piece from Japan. :] I'm thinking of rebuilding 'em.
2061 - 2080 of 2115 Posts
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