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maiku's Taffeta White - project Angeru

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maiku's Taffeta White - project Anjeru

This is my progress page for my 2007 TW Civic Si Turbo

A big shout out to my family of Team SUN★WORKS where I'm a team leader.

This car is my daily driver so I like to keep my mods practical as well as tasteful. I plan to keep it clean. I love to do road courses and auto-x AND shows so a lot of my choices in mods reflect that.

Nearly all my mods are installed myself. Only for a few specialized items do I entrust her to the "professionals". So you may just see a couple mod in progress pics along w/ the finished pic.

*Note: Pretty much all my mods, major and minor are listed. Not to make the list look bigger but b/c I get a lot of questions about little stuff all the time like "what shift boot is that" etc etc so it's nice to have everything listed for reference. Thanks for understanding. :)

Current Mod List

Current Mod List

- GReddy Turbo Kit @ 16psi
- Upgraded TSI oil return kit
- Hondata 4-bar map sensor
- Hondata FlashPro
- Hondata Boost solenoid
- 3" Vibrant Intake w/ k&n filter
- 3" Custom Downpipe by Purcell
- 3" Vibrant Catback Exhaust.
- AEM Tru Boost
- AEM UEGO Wideband o2
- 1000cc Injector Dynamics
- Walbro fuel pump w/ crushed FPR
- Polished Intake Manifold
- Solid Motor Mounts
- TMW short shifter
- TMW solid cable bushings
- Lineage Motorsports Grounding kit
- Steel radiator hose. Bent to keep from contacting with intake pipe to lower intake temps
- PWJDM Carbon fiber spark plug cover
- T1R Oil cap
- T1R Radiator cap
- Carbon fiber battery cover
- Carbon fiber fuse box cover
- Battery tie-down "SUNWORKS", by YoSpeed
- Redline Quicklift Elite hood damper for 08+ xB (carbon fiber hood friendly)
- 300cc baffled catch can from Japan

- s2k AP1 Retrofits w/ s2k shrouds w/ 5k Sylvania bulbs and Phillips ballasts
- TopOne Full Rear Diffuser (Only one in the country)
- VIS Mugen RR carbon fiber hood, color matched, inserts left carbon fiber, fully wrapped in Nano Fusion paint protection film.
- HFP full Lip KIT all around w/ color matched hardware
- Fenders rolled and shaved, front tabs moved also, rear screw removed and clipped
- Front Grill bottom paint matched
- DC2 amber side marker lights
- 20% tint all around
- Nano Fusion clear bra, entire front and other custom pieces
- Fog lights
- Superwhite LED license plate lights
- Red-out Tail light film from GRFX
- Shaved "civic", rear "H" and also rear "Si" and added a small emblem to cover holes from H
- Clear 2009 3rd brake light
- Carbon fiber mud-flaps (one-off set)
- Modified STI front lip

- Recaro Yellow Tomcat SR-4 Racing Seats (not pictured)
- Recaro Sliders
- Wedge Engineering brackets
- Kenwood DNX8120 touchscreen DVD/Navigation
- Plaid Door Panels
- Plaid A-Pillars and B-Pillars
- Plaid Moonroof Liner
- Plaid shift boot and Arm rest
- Headliner in Houndstooth fabric
- Alarm system w/ Remote start and Turbo timer
- Custom Door Sills by Celcius, wrinkle black, with "Si" painted red
- Titanium Shift Knob - Polished finish
- Superwhite LED dome and map lights
- JDM Honda Steering wheel emblem in metallic red
- Custom fiberglass enclosure w/ 10" Alpine Type-R sub
- 500watt Kenwood Monoblock Amp
- 6" White neons for ambient courtesy lighting
- Red LED's in cup holders and center console compartments
- Strutking Dead Pedal
- Excelerate 2 gauge holder on dash
- Optima Yellowtop Battery
- White FUSA knot from Japan
- VIP tray from Japan
- Broadway mirror from Japan

- TEIN Mono FLEX Coilovers
- TEIN Electronic Damping Force Controller (EDFC)
- TEIN150mm 10k upgraded front springs for more wheel clearance
- Skunk2 rear Camber arms, gold
- Progress rear Sway bar
- Carbing front Strut bar
- Redshift sway reinforcement brackets
- SPOON Monoblock TSX Front Calipers
- Powerslot Front & Rear slotted rotors
- AXXIS Ultimate pads front and rear
- Stainless Steel brake lines front and rear
- MOTUL RBF600 brake fluid
- G2 Black painted rear calipers w/ "Anjeru" chrome lettering
- ARP upgraded wheel studs
- Project Kics 25mm wheel spacers

Retired Wheels/Tires[/B]
- 18x7.5 +48 5zigen SC3000 hyperblack with 225/40/18 Toyo Proxes T1R
- 18x8 +38 Rays Gram Lights 57PRO Titanium w/ 225/40/18 Nitto Neogens
- 18x8.5 +40 Gram light 57s-Pro Titan
- 17x7.5 +45 Advan RGII w/ Yokohama S-drives 215/40/17
- 17x8.5 +31 Advan RGII's with Dunlop Direzza Star spec tires
- 05-06 RSX Type-S Wheels with 25mm spacers
- 17x9 +35 Enkei RPF1 with 245/40 Dunlop Direzza Star Spec
- 17x10.5 +18 (front), 17x9.5 +12 (rear) BBS RS in teal chrome with 225/40 (f), 215/40 (r)
- 17x9F/8R +35 WEDS Kranze 3 piece Mesh wheels from Japan



JULY 2008 - Some pictures of my early build in Honda Tuning Magazine Honda Tuning Mag - Eighth Gen Civic Lovefest

2011 Canibeat feature video
First and foremost, thank you Kenny for the video. Even though you were on vacation way out here in FL you did work! lol.

Here's the link to it on Canibeat.
Super Clean: Maiku's 8th Generation Honda Civic | Canibeat


2011 ULTRA Evolution Club Wars video with some good coverage of my car.

Ultra - lots of love for my taffy



As She Sits Now
Otherwise most recent pics at bottom of page.

164 by maiku95, on Flickr

june23 060 by maiku95, on Flickr

The interior.

2012-07 031 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 046 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 020 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 048 by maiku95, on Flickr


dsc_6579 copy by maiku95, on Flickr

9 by maiku95, on Flickr

194 by maiku95, on Flickr

183 by maiku95, on Flickr

146 by maiku95, on Flickr

181 by maiku95, on Flickr

272 by maiku95, on Flickr


JUNE09 Track Video's


NOVEMBER 09 Track Video's
Quick Vid I threw together of one of my runs.

Progression Starts HERE

Here we go... Entirely stock April 2007 :popcorn:


1st mod! 20% tint all around. May 07

The Clear bra went on also but no install pics. I dropped her off for that.


8th Civic mod! :dancing: (has since been removed)


AUGER Shift Boot, black suede w/ red stitch
The stock one..

Such an easy install. I went ahead and did the TMW SS while I was in there.


They are here! TEIN Super Street Coilovers with EDFC! :eek:mg: Also added SKunk2 rear camber arms in gold. Late may 07
Before the install...


Aftermath! I can still drop it about an inch or so.

I found this pic from an AutoX I when it was still nearly stock. Only had the tint and coilovers at this time.


JDM side markers!! August 07

Used a dremel with a cutoff wheel ONLY. Don't try to use anything other than the cutoff wheel b/c you'll most likely chip the paint away.

OMGGGGG :SHOCKED: a huge hole!!! I was sure to paint over the exposed metal so it doesn't rust.


FOG LIGHTS! I finally got around to putting them on as well. Aug 07

At the Florida Statewide meet!


Also cleared the tails (but I have since installed the red-outs)


Oh wow... I got an great deal on an Avic-z1 w/ dash kit! :pianodance: Great navi system!

Also got the Viper 5900 installed. Sorry no pics. It'd be boring. :biggrin:


Sept 07

The Si Door sills are here! Thanks to Celcius for making an awesome product. :)

Also added....
FD2 Shift knob. I removed the lock-bolt so it'll sit lower and look cleaner.


I finally got my HID's installed. I used the kit that Orient Express recommended (his post is stickied in the HID section)
5k light output for the low beams AND fogs. the fogs aren't shown tho because I haven't finished wiring them up inside yet. I want to control them so they'll come on anytime. just waiting for a friend to come help.
ANYWAY, onto the pics!

side by side comparison to stock

I also installed my custom battery tie down by Celcius. "anjeru" is my car's name. It's the romanization of the spelling of "angel" in Japanese although tweaked a bit. (b/c proper way is einjeru)

Thanks to sleeperone I got the fogs wired up to come on anytime, and with the HID's in there it's extremely sekzy

I also got a new mascot, domo-kun!



CUSTOM FIBERGLASS 10" Phoenix Gold 10" Sub and Kenwood Amp. Box made by me. :thumb:

Due to a little bumper scrape, I had the grill painted to match. Also did a nice 'lil detail to it. The sun wasn't out when I took these pics so it doesn't do it justice. More to come later when I can find a good stage for her.


OMG, I JUST GOT NEW 18's!! 5zigen SC3000 in Hyperblack. @[email protected]


I installed the rims today. :woowoo:

and picked up my HFP kit from Honda of the Avenue's! It came out to be $1123 after tax. Not bad.


I used a RR touch up pen to paint the custom Celcius made door sills. They came out GREAT!! I'm loving the results. It looks 100% better IMO.




and Anjeru @ the FL STATEWIDE MEET!! Feb, 24 2008

Couple more pics from the statewide meet that others took.


June 30, 2008

Calipers Painted and custom decal's added this week.

- G2 Caliper paint
- Chrome decals by GrafiXpressions

I used some brush on clear touch up paint to cover the decals after installing them so they won't come off or get damaged. I was told the chrome letters don't stick so it was an easy solution for me.

onto the pics!



In Process


JULY 15th

LED's and Courtesy lights added!

I used like 6" white neons under the dash for ambient lighting. One on each side.
Then I used a couple RED LED strips for the dash and a couple single LED's for the cup holders. I want to add an LED strip in the cups of the door handle too. I ran the wiring for them up to the console, but not into the door yet. I figured I'd wait till I do my Component speakers before I run the wires since it's a PITA.

Pic of where I mounted the switches

Now the details on wiring.
So it took me forever to figure it out b/c I'm not a wiring GURU. I wanted them to work EXACTLY as the dome lights do, but I also wanted independent control over them, so after figuring out I need a 6 prong switch that has TWO on positions, and center is off. Leave it in #1 on position and it acts with the dome lights, leave it in center and it's always off, leave it in #2 on position and I can turn them on anytime. :thumb:
Plus on top of that, I have the RED and WHITE lights separated by the switches, so I also have independent control between the colors. :eek:mg: :cheerleader:
You have to think backwards when wiring them this way because the dome acts off a ground only. It has constant power, so I had to reverse all the positions of where the wires connected to on the switch.

System pics updated 9-08

Couple of pics from the Markham meet

Got the pics of the new redouts.



FLICKR UPDATES START HERE! (Photobucket Sux!! Slowly working my way up to the beginning to replace photobucket pics.)

HID's in the fogs are actually more white than it appears. I had to change the colors in the pic b/c it was later in the day and they came out really blue.

This pic on Flickr. View Larger!

This pic on Flickr. View LARGER!

This pic on Flickr. View LARGER!

Decided to just go for it.
Got a GReddy Turbo kit w/ a few upgrades and installed it over spring break. Didn't have too many problems but it was a headache as it was my first turbo install EVAR.
Also splurged and got the Gram light 57pro Titan in 18x8 +38. So instead of buying wheel spacers to make my old wheels look better I just bought new wheels. : These moved the wheels out nearly 17mm more than my old ones. Had some rubbing issue's. x_x Nothing bad tho, just the front tabs that hold the plastic fender liner in gotta be bent in a little. Took like 10 seconds to fix that. :p

In progress on the turbo install

019e on Flickr

027e on Flickr

107e on Flickr

066e on Flickr

096e on Flickr

031 on Flickr

060e on Flickr

102e on Flickr

049e on Flickr

076e on Flickr

This pic on Flickr
MARCH 2009

027e on Flickr

107e on Flickr

060e on Flickr

076e on Flickr


APRIL 2009

I ordered some new Gram lights. They are the same wheel but 7 spoke version instead of 5-spoke and also a more aggressive fitment. Eventually I decided I didn't want to use them so I sold them, but not after test fitting one. (see pics) I loved the wheels like crazy till I got some RGII's to use for track wheels and ended up loving the gold. lol.

- Got a fender roller and started doing the rear fender. Got one done. The lip OEM in the rear is nearly 22mm :shocked: I was moderate and got them down to 13mm. I moved a bit fast with it though and the paint started splintering on the inside lip so I gotta sand it down and airbrush it. Thank god I know how to do that. It's unseen anyway although it won't matter b/c I'll make it look like it never happened. It's not that bad anyway even if I left it alone. But over the years or however long it takes I don't want it to start flaking off. :xyxnervou
UPDATE: Did both the rears. Came out pretty nice. I took more time on the other side and had less cracking but still had some. I taped off, sanded and airbrushed both sides already.

In progress. (right side not rolled yet, left side in progress)

WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Before I was cambered in to where it barely cleared now I can fit two fingers between the fender and wheel. Amazing!



Showoff them new lugs too


JUNE 2009

Here's a couple video's of the track meet out at Gainesville Raceway. Wish I could have gotten more but I was hitting limp mode quite a bit. I've since gotten Flash pro and have gone out again and what a freaking difference.


Just ordered a few more things. I'm waiting till it all comes in then do a photoshoot to show ya'll what's new. Overall, the last few things I've done to the car have been the most satisfying. Flashpro allows me to turn off VSA so I can finally remove the switch and have a spot for my foglight switch to go in the OEM location (07 FG's only have one slot, which is VSA). So I don't have to have it ghetto fab hanging below the dash. lol. I'm also loving the 2 stage I get with the flashpro. I have it set low right now, right before boost kicks in so next time I go to the track I can play with my launches. I figure I should be somewhere around 0 so it's not in vacuum but also not in boost. I gotta find the key spot to launch without bogging and without peeling out like crazy.
Also now my gauges are moved up high where I can actually SEE them AND drive at the same time. Very helpful.
The new injectors should be in tomorrow so I can get those in and turn up the boost a bit.

JULY 2009


VIEW LARGER Picture! on Flickr

VIEW LARGER Pic on Flickr



Somehow keep managing to break my wheel studs. So far three of them have broken. Always when I'm removing the wheel. Ish weird. I ordered some ARP studs which are supposed to be strong so I'll be swapping them all out in hopes no more break and keep ruining my expensive lugs! (bolt gets stuck in them. :( )

Sold the other RGII's for a more aggressive set. 17x8.5 +31. :spaz:

way too much camber. ;( It's on Nitto 555's 225/40/17. Gotta go to a smaller sidewall to help it clear in the back. Camber didn't help much.


The Gainesville crew finally all got together for some photoshoots. Not everyone made it but it's about time we got some group shots. Click the links to see all the pics.

Recent Photoshoots
Episode 1: Return of the clones :whitedomokundance: :whitedomokundance: http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/introduction-pictures/184245-white-supremacy-o.html

Episode 2

Some more pics

I found out my exhaust manifold had two bolts missing from it... well, one fell out and the other was damn near out which can help explain my exhaust leak and why the car isn't making a lot of power. I also found a broken clamp on the charge pipe. I got all that stuff fixed up and the car not only feels better but also sounds better and runs smoother. Strangely it seems to start up a little faster too. o_O
Well anyway, while tightening the bolts on the exhaust manifold it's necessary to take off the valve cover. And since it was off... it was about time I got it coated. I wanted to do bright green but that wasn't an option without special ordering so I went with the next best thing - purple! :eek:mg:

Disclaimer: I haven't cleaned the engine bay at all for these shots. It's actually been a while. x_x I'm doing work right now and couldn't help but snap a few pics.



This month's progress
-* SRT Vibrant 3" catback exhaust
-* Paint matched eyelids
-* Painted valve cover PURPOLZ!

Got the 3" SRT Catback installed after some adjusting. It actually seems quieter than the S2 70mm that was on there.

I was always curious as to whether eye lids would look good on my car. I love them on black FG2's. I finally bit the bullet and got some. They are painted plastic, not vinyl.

My $$$ shot. ;D




This month's progress
-* Polished intake manifold
-* Titanium shift knob
-* Optima yellowtop battery

Mod #1: Polished intake manifold
After many many man hours, the manifold is done!

Mod #2: Arc Polished Titanium shift knob

Mod#3: Was time to replace the battery so Optima Yellowtop went in. Note: Anyone know of any covers or anything I can get for it? I don't want the yellow in the bay. :\ Guess custom it is then.. lol.

01-24-10 Import Faceoff in Gainesville
I had the pleasure of showing with team sunworks as a supporter. Some of the members were kind enough to get some pictures for me since my camera and camera skills suck.

A couple that I took. >_____>

As of Feb 20, 2010 I was welcomed into Team Sunworks FL chapter. I've never been interested in car teams before until I met these guys. They completely changed my whole perspective of car teams. Rather than a team that lets people on just because of their car, Sunworks is more focused on the person and their character. I was drawn in to them and after a few months I was accepted into the family.


May and JUNE 2010

This month's progress
-* Type-S wheels with 25mm spacers
-* Enkei RPF1 17x9 +35
-* Dunlop Star Spec 245/40
-* 5mm spacers
-* Custom center caps
-* Super secret 3-piece wheels to rebuild...

Sold the Advans last month and got some Type-S wheels to roll on until I can find my next set of wheels. I love the way these wheels look though. It's a change of pace. I got some 25mm spacers on them so they are still flush.

Fast forward 2-3 weeks...
Okay so that was fast. Found a good deal on some track wheels/tires so I jumped on them. He wanted to trade for my Type-S wheels + a little cash. Worked out great. I now own a set of 17x9 +35 RPF1's with 245/40 Dunlop Direzza star specs! Same tires I had on the advans except 30mm wider. :thumb: Super ballin track set-up. I'm hyped to get the car done tuning and get it back on the track.

5mm spacers in the front cuz they didn't clear my suspension. :thumb:
I'm on the lookout for my next set of ballin wheels for daily driving so these can retire to track use only.

And from REMIX 2010 in MIA July 31st


This month's progress
-* Vibrant 3" 90deg intake pipe
-* K&N Filter
-* TopOne Aero rear diffuser
-* Carbon fiber battery cover
-* Carbon fiber fuse box cover
-* Carbon fiber mud flaps
-* and I redid the Anjeru battery tie down since I no longer have much red in the bay it looked out of place.

New pics compliments of my new bud HLeasy. Thanks bro! Your car is amazin'. :D

I installed a new 3" Vibrant 90deg bend intake today since the GReddy intake pipe is so small and had so many lines that went to it that I had plugged up. It was ugly and time for an upgrade. A $25 polished aluminum pipe made for a nice addition. It's amazing how much the intake affects the sound of the car spooling up. I was running around with only a filter for a while and it was LOOUUUDDD. <3<3<3<3 Too much heat soak back there though so I just upgraded the piping. :p

Got my first partial sponsorship by TopOne Aero! They are a relatively new company but are releasing some great products and they've got good customer service. Give Michael a call and tell him I sent you. :thumb: It's nice to see the Si getting some attention in the Aerodynamics department.

Pics of new product coming soon after the IFO show this weekend. They are still releasing stuff for the Si so I will likely snatch up some more things as they are made.

Bought a new low-profile aluminum jack. My other aluminum jack is massive and my low is beyond it's capabilities. lol. I can't fit it behind the front tires or under the front bumper without driving up onto wood which is annoying. This new one I got almost half off from Harbor Freight with a coupon and it fits under the front with room to spare! Plus it's smaller and lighter than my other one meaning it'll travel easier. :]

I was playing in the garage tonight.. :corngrin:
Pretty sure I am the only one with the stuff here I have made myself.

- Carbon fiber battery cover
- Carbon fiber fuse box cover
- Carbon fiber mud flaps
- and I redid the Anjeru battery tie down since I no longer have much red in the bay it looked out of place.

Some nice one of a kind additions. :]

At IFO in Oct. Shows the rear diffuser..


This month's progress
-* Mugen RR Carbon fiber hood, painted
-* Phillips 6k bulbs
-* TSI oil return kit
-* BLOX vacuum block
-* Velocityshop LED dome kit

New oil return setup. TSI timing plate used in conjunction with the return line goodies from fast-turbo.

I'm planning to have the new wheels completely disassembled this week and possibly even sent out to the shop for recoating. If that happens I should have them back by mid-Jan and possibly in time for the first IFO in Florida.

The new clear bra will be put on in 30 days when the paint is fully cured. This will help the front end a lot in person because of the yellowing that's occurred over the years. It doesn't show up much in pictures unless your looking for it.

Still waiting for new fitted rear diffuser from TopOne.


This month's progress
-* Redline hood dampers for carbon fiber hood. Modded from an 08+ xB to fit.
-* Sent wheels to get coated
-* Sent valve cover to get coated
-* All new clear bra on front end.

The new clear bra is Nano Fusion and is a major improvement over current PPF's on the market. It features a smooth glass-like surface with no orange peel like all the others. It's non-porous and more scratch resistant and less vulnerable to yellowing.

I finally got the wheels apart and sent them out for recoating. I have to strip the barrels myself and paint them, finish polishing the last center cap, and clean/polish the remaining 100 bolts or so.

Still waiting for new fitted rear diffuser from TopOne. They are revamping their product line-up so it's taking a while..

Showing the new hood dampers

-* Wheel faces and valve cover are on their way back! Time to get to work...
-* Volk CE28n 18x8.5 +30 with 225/40 Bridgestone Potenza RE760's

IFO 007 by maiku95, on Flickr

IFO 064 by maiku95, on Flickr

IFO 045 by maiku95, on Flickr

IFO 061 by maiku95, on Flickr

-* BBS RS complete and installed
-* New tires to fit 'em
-* Coated valve cover installed
-* New front lip
-* TopOne rear diffuser

194 by maiku95, on Flickr

183 by maiku95, on Flickr

146 by maiku95, on Flickr

181 by maiku95, on Flickr

272 by maiku95, on Flickr

108 by maiku95, on Flickr

Swampfest 2011
Took best Japanese Import. :D

013 by maiku95, on Flickr

031 by maiku95, on Flickr

Dang I forgot to upload these pics from March! I took a mad long drive to Import Reactor / Anime Matsuri in Houston. T'wus a long drive but got to hang with my Sunworks family over there and enjoyed the show! Anime + Cars = Win ;D All in all I had a really good time other than the speeding ticket I got on the way there. u__u 55 on a highway is ludacris!
Got to meet some fellow 8th members over there too with some nice rides holdin' it down in Houston. Saw the first shaved 8th gen engine bay too. Lookin clean!
I took best Civic category.

006 by maiku95, on Flickr

5545425697_2704e25b95_b by maiku95, on Flickr

DSC_0527 by maiku95, on Flickr

128 by maiku95, on Flickr

12 by maiku95, on Flickr

105 by maiku95, on Flickr

031 by maiku95, on Flickr

May-June 2012

I'm back from Japan finally! The progression continues with new interior, upgraded suspension and some new brake upgrades.
Pics coming soon!

2012-05-05 195 by maiku95, on Flickr

Hot Import Nights (HIN) May 2012 in Orlando

Hottest HONDA - 1st place!

164 by maiku95, on Flickr

Hello all! I know I haven't updated for a while. As many of you know I was in Japan for 9 months and the car was put in storage. I came back mid May and the progression has started again!

Modifications this round:
-* 17x9/8 +35 Weds Kranze Mesh wheels
-* 25mm Project Kics wheel spacers
-* SPOON TSX Monoblock calipers
-* Recaro SR-4 Racing Seats
-* Recaro Sliders
-* Wedge Engineering brackets
-* Upholstered headliner, rear quarter panels, sunroof cover
-* Front lower grill removed
-* Vent tray from Japan
-* FUSA Knot from Japan
-* Broadway convex mirror from Japan
-* Red Steering wheel emblem from Japan
-* 300cc Catch can from Japan

SPOON calipers installed! I had to turn these upside down to bleed them since when mounted the bleed valve is pointing downward and the air couldn't escape.

016 by maiku95, on Flickr


018 by maiku95, on Flickr

Sunroof cover being upholstered. It was a total headache to get it out, but it was worth it in the end.

2012-05-05 197 by maiku95, on Flickr

At Hot Import Nights (HIN) in Orlando May 2012. I went just a couple days after coming back from Japan.
My car took HOTTEST Honda!

164 by maiku95, on Flickr

june23 060 by maiku95, on Flickr

The interior.

012 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 031 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 046 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 020 by maiku95, on Flickr

2012-07 048 by maiku95, on Flickr
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Very clean...I love how this FG2 is turning out so far...
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