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I cleaned my K&N air filter this weekend and decided to clean the MAF also. This may seem as a simple enough task, but just in case members didn't know how this is done, here it is.

This should be done every time you change your air filter.

Things you'll need:

About 15 minutes
MAF cleaner
Phillips screwdriver
Socket wrench with a 10mm socket

First you need to disconnect the neg battery terminal.

Then disconnect the MAF.

Now unscrew the MAF

You'll need to unclip the airbox and pull it forward, so you can remove the MAF. That baby is longer than you'd think.

Now lift the MAF out of its place.

Now you'll need to spray the MAF with MAF Cleaner like this one. The cost was $6 at a local autoparts store.

Let it dry and you need to reinstall the airbox.

Reinstall the MAF and MAF wiring.

Now reconnect the battery and you're finished :clapping:

Overall this is a very simple task but you need to take a few precautions:

Make sure no dirt gets into your intake manifold upon removing the airbox

Make sure you don't drop the MAF

Make sure there's no current going through your car or maf while spraying

And make sure nothing - I repeat nothing - comes in contact with the wire threads inside the MAF sensor housing.
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