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Simple thought in my head, have you tried cleaning the ground connection from your battery? I had a similar stall issue with a CAI install but realized that I needed a tune in order to run it. Not sure if you have a hondata but that would likely solve the low idle problem. As for other things, try reinstalling the stock intake, this will tell you if its an airflow problem caused by either needing a tune or other things related to the intake. I would obviously recommend the idle relearn but you said you did it, these are symptoms that often come up after moving the butterfly valve in the throttle body. It could be that the engine isn't reading the correct manifold pressure or air flow and is compensating by going lean or rich, causing the pops or stalls. If you install the stock intake on again and the problem is solved then bam, stick with that. CAI are great but only with a tune (ignore what I said about some of these things if you already have a tune).
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