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Just did a drop and swap today on the civic. Took me about 30mins to do them. Didn't take the rotors off. Just simply took the old pads out and put new ones in. The passanger side looked pretty good. I almost wanted to just put them back on and not even swap the pads.Luckly i looked at the driver side. They didnt look as good. Took them out for a spin, seated the pads in and drove at different speeds to feel for vibrations. No vibrations..so far. The rotors looked pretty much brand new. No heat marks, glazing or grooves. I do not race or drive this car aggressively. So im sure this why they lasted this long.
The pics are off my cell and they suck. I was to lazy to get the digi cam out.
The first two are the pass side the next two are the driver.


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