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Louisiana Chat Thread

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shinhyeon your car needs a spoiler in the back, like the si's.
NO, we don't want to have an R18 with an identity crisis!
lolz. don't worry Hoang, he's going total wing
Thank god, this may be just my opinion, but I wouldn't put a lot of "Si" parts on an R18, I think R18's can stand on their own "four feet" so to speak. Speaking of standing out.... I have some new toys in my guest bedroom!!!!!
You guys and your 500 HP aspirations lo. I was just looking to have an Auto with about 220-230.....lol.

If i had a k24 monter built like tha I prolly would A. be scared to drive it an want it to last forever.

B. Drive so fast from a -b point and kill myself.
rofl, one day I'll get the R18 boosted, but that's WAAAYYY down the road, I wanna boost the 'slo first and keep the R18 "reliable" until I can get the del sol up to around 250-275 whp.
id like to see it at 8-10psi>>>>>>hehe
I think the guys in this thread,
R18 Turbo Thread are pushing around 10-12 psi, if I remember correctly, they have about 225hp or something really close. and I think there are two people on here that are running Automatics with boost.
I think Taylor (southerndragoncivic) has the injen CAI, I'm probably gonna go aFe, I've heard good things about them
New part comes in Tomorrow!


First mod btw.
Grats Michael! Can't wait to see what it is!
I still have my TBS that I need to install, once I get the del sol put back together lol
so... IS that a new shiny radiator in the front??? JUST KIDDING! I heard you got some stuffed planned on the MS3, btw, I'm a big fan of cosmic blue!
HOANGY I changed my mind im not boosting the R18 im getting a project ride

prolly a 98-03 civic si I want the 6th gen so bad Everyone keep their eyes out for me

Help me find my project car.
BOO!!!!!! Just boost both! Get one reliable and then go for the other one! I would boost the EK first, then boost the R18, that's what I'm planning on doing with the del sol, boost it, then when it's reliable enough, boost the R18. Don't short yourself now!
ive seen like 4 this week lol.
I've seen TONS on lsu campus.
she's also lucky to live near ajp..
That is true, it wouldn't be too bad of a drive down to Florida for us Louisiana folks, but for you Huck, it would be one crazy trek. I was looking at their website earlier, and they have some interesting numbers for the Si's, especially at low boost, I guess they are using a larger turbo, I mean the TSI turbo kit for the R18, those guys are getting 210hp off of 10-12 psi if I remember correctly?
yeah. it seems that we're averaging about 200-230.
and that's cool with me, it's reliable, and it'll spank an Si with a few bolt-ons.
So these finally came in:

Just need to get some tires and coilovers to go with them...
Nice choice on wheels Mitch! what's the size of the rim?

Im already planning my TRIP to Florida this Fall its gona be Nice coming back with 220+ Hp lol in my r18 .
Be ready to drop some chedda in flo-rida lol
nope, i was leaning more towards nikon.
d40, d60, or d90???
d60 or d80
When I was looking for cameras at the time, there were some really good deals on packages on amazon.com. But I have too many projects going on right now for me to worry about buying my own camera, besides, I have friends with dslr's anyways!
Who was the black fg2 that went to J alexanders today? Looked stock from outside excluding tinted tail lights

You came with your gf and you had like pretty long brown hair.
LOL pretty long brown hair!!!! I think that's Nick (Woody3290) and his GF.
I've gotten that response several times on a few forums now.

Tires (225/45 Fuzion ZRi) go on on Monday. Should have installed immediately after. I'm hopeful that it will look good at stock height, but I'm confident this will look awesome with a hint of tuck.

Oh by the way, does anybody know a good, affordable "tuner" lug? I never had to deal with this in the BMW scene, so I'm still new to it all.
I forgot which set of tuner lugs that I have, but they shouldn't be too bad depending on what style you wanna go with Mitch. Man you haven't been on in a while, how's the new job and such? You gotta come out to the meet this week dude, Vietnamese food FTW!
If I can I'll try to bring the D3X to the meet next week. If not I'll just bring the D60!
Why you gotta rub in how many cameras you have?! I'm so broke from all of my man projects I have on the del sol and R18!!!!
81 - 100 of 10021 Posts
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