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Louisiana Chat Thread

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it's at Buffalo Wild Wings in Baton Rouge
Hell yeah man, the power to weight ratio must have been fantastic!
LOL. Its so hard now too having two cars. Im really, really, eager to make the hatch sick, but I really need a car w/ good gas milage. Arrggg... temptation, temptation. I think I will just keep it as is though, and focus back on the FG <3

Then on top of everything my friend sends me this

I'm not a fan of the stance, but the interior is STRAIGHT BALLER!!
His interior is freakin' awesome! I'm not a fan of that cooling plate that he has though. doesn't really compliment the engine bay well.
Is that place next to Itchiban? It must be close to it from the looks of it. I'm def down, need to try pho at some different places
You should try to make it yourself. I made Pho Ga the other day and I think it will be hard to beat if I order it from a restaurant.
I thought it was a Pho meet at Tasty Casian?
Hey Rachel, you would be proud of me on Sat. I installed my own door speakers- WOOP WOOP! Sat. night I spent about an hour or so SWEATING bullits in my garage installing some Infinity 2 way speakers in the front doors. I didn't have the patience to take the back seat and pannel apart to replace the rear. I remmember how fun it was for you to do yours....lol...
the rear speakers are easy to take out, there's a panel on the top of the rear deck that you can take out, and just use socket wrenches so you don't mess with the tint.
Lake Charles trashy? Get out of here.

LOL I lived in the LC for about a year, I pretty much stayed to myself (didn't really have any friends out there) but I did make a few new friends out there. I worked in Prien Lake Mall the time I was there though. Lets just say it was a very interesting experience.
I thought the coupe rear speakers were embedded in something? Like, somewhere in the side?

I don't really know because I'm not a coupe owner and all that. :pinkhiding:
Nah, the rear deck is pretty easy, and Korey has a TWFA5 remember????
or if we break the stock speakers sans speaker connectors it'll be easy as pie!
Spotted by LSU Campus yesterday:

NHBP FG2 going east on Highland around 10:30-ish

in the Agriculture Parking lot of LSU:

09 TW FA5 & ASM FG2 with bronze HFP's.

Anybody know them?

Hoangy ......What...under the hood mods you have on your r18 Im thinking of getting a CAI or SRI then some headers for my R18.
well, right now, all I have is a Optima Yellow top for my system and a JDM spark plug cover. I'm eventually going to go with an aFe Stage 2 SRI (it looks like it has an AmSoil Filter on it, which is pretty cool) and a Megan Racing DownPipe(we don't really have headers on the R18, just a downpipe). But right now I'm currently saving up to modify my del sol. BTW, I think I saw you in Perkins Rowe last week on the 24th?
ah, I park around there from 10-ish til noon, I have a class in Howe-Russell every day.
ZOMG! do you know what kind of turbo are they planning on using with it?
Well I won't be going this weekend Closed on the house today so probably be moving a good bit this weekend.
Grats on the new house Josh! I'm lovin' the house I'm in! sooooo much better than an apartment!
Im Going but I hope im not the only R18 there this time.
What are you trying to say? hahahaha I'll be there, don't worry man!
:( We stayed out there for quite some time. I don't think we even went into the restaurant until 12:30ish. Our next meet is most likely going to be Thursday, July 24th. 7:00PM at Tasty Casian. I just have to call them on Monday and verify that they will be opened and everything.
I think the 24th is a Friday, you probably mean the 23rd right? :dance:
Yeah, I can give my 'cuz a holla. I think I still have his number if I haven't deleted it! ha!
^^I second that, it wasn't so hot today, I know that for sure, driving on I-10W this morning @ 6:30am sucked though, it was raining like a mofo!
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