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Since I have a toyota I would feel bad posting in the more technical section.. but heres the situation..

There is an oil leak on the opposite side of the oil pan, it looks like its coming from somewhere on the axle, here are the pictures. Does anyone know where its leaking from and can I fix it on your own?

Something that may or may not be related: I hit a tire on the freeway a while back, recently toyota said my oil pans dented and needs replacing, cus it will "eventually" start leaking. In this case the oil pan is dry, but I thought maybe it could be related..

i believe the origins is coming from opposide of the control arm (check term please). This rubber thing I dont know the name of has oil all over it, so it could be coming from it itself, or something above it.

p.s its the driver side, not the oil pan (passenger) side.. I'm most likely gona take it to the shop asap before my expensive ass royal purple oil gets wasted (thats how I knew it was motor oil, it was purple)

See the pictures:

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