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Looking to buy an Aftermarket Navi

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Well guys I am in the market for a Navi. I didn't buy the Honda OEM one because it is too expensive, harder to haggle, and for the faction of the Retail price you can get something way better.

I been eyeballing the Pioneer Avic-D3 which is about 600-700 bucks depending where you buy it. I was looking at ebay usually at the New/Open boxes but I found this site.

Anyhow, besides the neat features it offers I do not know much about audio system performance wise. I will be upgrading my speakers down the road and I am wondering how will these double din Navi handle them? I know the OEM Honda Navi is under power when it comes to after market speakers.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. If you want to recommend a different double din Navi/Radio I would appreciated that as well.
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Moved to the navigation forum where you'll have better luck getting your questions answered.
Ah thanks. I guess I'm still new to the forums. Didn't know this section existed :pat:
DT, I'm on the same dillema.. Looking for a navigation, but I'm WAITING FOR Black Friday, maybe prices will go down..
I was thinking .. and analyzing the D3..

Play DivX
Good Brand/ETc

One-Disc Slot ONLY (You can't have DVD+NAv same time.. From what I heard, you can choose one route, and then change the NAV CD for anything else, but it looks like a pain...)

Please let me know what you decide..
Yea the whole CD and DVD swapping is a major con to me. Pretty sure after a while the DVD Navi might get scratch up and well gotta buy a new one (or updated one).

I would like one where the navi is store on a hdd with some capaiblity of updating (or hacking to update). But yea I haven't look around much yet. Sometime within the next week I'll sit down for a good few hours and do some research and etc.
alpine iva-w205+blackbird II gps

Then you'll have portable & dockable gps. Read up. :)
sorry to be so dumb, but i just bought a hybrid this weekend and it does not have stock navi...
am i understanding correctly that i can add the avic d3 to my car even though it does not have stock navi?
Yes. An aftermarket navi will come with all the gps gear you need.
what is the difference in the avic d3 and the d2?
i have a d3 and i love it. it amped up my speakers very well. a ton better SQ than stock. there are many settings to fine tune your music to your tastes. the thing about the one cd/dvd slot isnt a big deal at all to me. if you have an ipod, just get the $30 ipod cable and hook it up. i keep mine hooked up and in the glove compartment outta sight. and it keeps it charged so no worries about that. if you need any pics or any more info PM me.
i just ordered a garmin nuvi 350 from amazon for $362 with free shipping.. ill let ya know how it works after i get it, but its got some of the best reviews out there

damn, just looked and its already down to 354...i shoulda waited a day. im not sure if they are liquidating or anything but best buy is still carrying it at 450 bucks
it is not going to go in dash though right? it is just navi, not dvd and cd and radio right?
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