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so yesterday I was driving on a road that has a barrier down the middle. I was in the left lane and some old man started coming over, i beeped and swerved and hit a huge grate that was up against the wall. I knew as soon as i hit it that i messed up my wheel, and i did...big time. It's so bent that i can feel it when i drive. I could just have it repaired, but I've been wanting to get new wheels for a few months and now seems like a good time...but i have no idea what i want.

I'm thinking of getting a black wheel with a silver lip. 17", not sure how many spokes I want. I don't know any good wheel websites other than tirerack.com & i dont see anything on there i particularly like...does anyone have any other suggestions for websites (or wheels)? I need to order something soon because i'm afraid i'll pop my tire driving around like this! Thanks in advance :thumb:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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