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I'm new this forum but not new to cars. I'm helping my friend's son track down a parasitic drain in his secondhand civic. To give the full story, the car wouldn't start due to a dead battery. I recharged the battery, replaced the starter and then realized there was an aftermarket alarm which had failed, so I unplugged the black box and the car started up no issues. The battery died two days later so There was a .09A draw which would kill the battery after about two days. I did notice that unplugging the main harness for the alternator (or removing cabin fuse #3 would drop it down to .05A draw. I wasn't exactly sure why the alternator feedback circuit was live but in the long run it didn't matter because I damaged the alternator harness and had to take it apart and resolder the wires. Once I put it back together the constant draw was .06A. This was after a 5 minute wait, but this still seems a tad high.

I've done the normal tests and pulled every fuse to no avail, except for underhood fuse #4, which drops the draw to 0. The car wouldn't start after that (no gas or possibly spark) so it must also power the MICU, even though the literature I had didn't explicitly say so. After that I pulled all the interior fuses and unplugged all the power window/door harnesses but didn't see any change. I also pulled all the relays but saw no change. I have not reconnected the battery since repairing the alternator harness, so I don't actually know if the battery will die in two days again or if all is well.

The only other issue is that there is something wrong with the locks and you can't lock the doors using the fob. I forget exactly what it was now but IIRC the door key cylinder isn't working properly and the lock actuator doesn't work, so they never actually lock the car. My concern is that the MICU isn't actually going to sleep because of this.

Does anyone have any recommendations, or is .06 the best i'm going to get? Also, has anyone seen a similar issue with the alternator harness or does that appear coincidental?

Thanks in advance - Bob
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