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Well, i posted on another thread how some idiot scratched my bumper with his/her car while parking/pulling out. It left grey marks cause it took off all the paint.
This is the second time this happens to me. The first time, it was my front left bumper, but now it's my back right bumper. When i took it to my Honda Dealer to get the front bumper fixed, they charged me $494 after taxes, and they did a perfect job. I was told by my friends that Honda dealers usually send out their work to Auto Body Shops(i'm guessing that's its honda certified) which charges way less, which Honda profits off by raising the price.
I was wondering how can I find the place they take it too? (I tried asking but they won't tell me)
I don't want to spend so much money again, but i can't live with this deep scratches. I live in Queens NY, and i was wondering if you all can help me.

If i drive around looking for Auto Body Shops, do i ask them if they are Honda certified or Auto certified or whatever the name it is??? What's the proper way of asking a Body shop? What's the best way to look for a reliable Body Shop not just some random one that will mostlikely not do the job right. I don't want to come off being rude either. Thank you:sadwavy:

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lol sometimes you can ask them who they use...

Me: Hey Honda dealership... thinking of getting a hitch, how much?
HD: Umm...$600 just for the hitch
Me: Oh that's exp! do you do it there?
HD: No
Me: Well who does it?
HD: We send out to Rack Attack
Me: Okay, well I'll think about it, thanks

Me: How much for a hitch
RA: About $100....

lol a little long but its worked a few times :)
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