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First timer here so bare with me lol.. I am American living in the Philippines, we have a 2008 Honda Civic 2.0s a/t 4 door sedan, this is a left side driver car. A few years back we modified the interior for a car show and now we are trying to return the interior back to oem standard. We are having a hard time finding parts and suppliers. I was however able to download a pdf from civic parts epc catalog for 2006-2008 (8th Gen), so I have illustrations and part numbers to help.

Dash assy and dash garinish panel parts.
Complete center console garinish panel parts.
Front/Rear door linning panel and parts, accents, switches, housing parts etc.
Weather seals for all 4 doors.
Carpet liner and garnish panel parts.
A,B,C pillars and parts.
Read deck lid and 3rd brake light and parts.

I have attached pics to show what is needed.

Any help would be great..



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