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lockout in vtec

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So i recently got a 2009 civic si. 301,450 km. When doing pulls in any gear and trying to shift you get a lockout that will prevent you from shifting over 6k rpm. As soon as the revs drop below that it pops right in no problem. It’s super annoying cause it only does it when you drive it hard and are trying to shift fast. There’s no grinds it just completely locks out like there’s a brick wall in front of the gear. Any ideas on what the issue could be?
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Is it only in certain gears or is it all gears? It is normal on our car for 1st to second and second to third to do this but not for all of them. You might need to adjust the throw on your clutch pedal.
I would recommend looking in the engine bay, near the shifter cables to be exact. Make sure nothing is there blocking the cables from moving fully. Next option I can think of is maybe your CMC/Slave cylinders are starting to go, or your cables are stretched. I would recommend starting with the cmc and slave cylinder though as those control the fluid moving from the clutch pedal to the clutch engagement/disengagement and if the fluid is delayed it could mean that the clutch is not fully disengaging, hence the resistance pushing it in gear. Before you replace those I would recommend draining the clutch fluid and replacing with new brake fluid and bleeding them. This honestly could just be the root of the problem
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