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just puttin that word out that i can do installs for anyone in the 951 area. im in Riverside near the 15 and Limonite.. and its become clear to me that a lot of you are getting raped in labor costs for simple **** like suspension installs($100+ gtfo thats too much). thats nothing for me lol, itd prob take me 3 hours or so at most.

i have all the good air tools, torque wrench, etc, needed to get the job done.. in all the cars ive ever owned ive done almost all my own work. suspensions, intakes, exhausts, headers, camber kits, motor mounts, etc shouldnt be any problem. i do not have a welder tho so i cant do any kinda fab work. if its a bolt-on mod tho, i can do it ;)

just shoot me a pm. pay for my beer during the install and at least a LITTLE kick down and we're good to go :wavey:
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