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License Plate Dimensions Civic Coupé

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Hello guys, very nice and organized website with lots of useful information for civic owners, or potential owners (like me!).

I live in Brazil and we only have Civic sedans here (including Si), but no Coupé. Also another bad thing is that we don't have sunroofs available. So I decided to import a Civic Si Coupé.

I've encountered a slight problem during this process, since Brazilian license plates have a specific dimension of 13cm (height) x 40cm (length).
Could anyone please measure the rear license plate space in any Civic Coupe?

I really appreciate the attention, and once again, congrats on this forum. I plan on visiting it many times and hope to share my Civic photos in a near future.

Vinicius Eid
Brasília - Brazil
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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